Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bye bye, Galveston bay

The Elissa and historic site

Visiting the Ocean Star, Galveston Texas

Welcome to the Tram Tour

My first visit in Houston ( Nov.6, 2006)

The Space Center (NASA)

Welcome Center (NASA)

Rocket Park (NASA) Houston

Houston Downtown, when I arrived

The Downtown of Houston city (Nov.3, 2006)

Kathina Ceremony 2006

In the Royal Kathina Ceremony

Manas's Family

Dr.Ven.Thanat and Phra Ajan Ken Wat Buddhavas

The Buddha in the main Buddha Hall

The participants in the Royal Kathina Ceremony (Nov.5,2006)

Wat Buddhavas of Houston

The monk residents

The Buddha's Hall or Uposatha

Wat Buddhavas of Houston, TX. It is my first time visiting the Buddhist monastery in Texas since i have been to the United States of America in the year 1992.